Prepare yourself for an exhilarating twist on the classic word puzzle game Wordle with Hodordle, a thrilling Game of Thrones-inspired edition that will transport you to the epic world of Westeros. If you're a fan of word games and the epic tales of ice and fire, this is the game for you. Here's what you need to know:

Hodordle is a word puzzle game inspired by the Game of Thrones series, with a playful nod to the character Hodor. In this game, you'll test your word-guessing skills by trying to figure out a daily five-letter word from the world of Westeros.

Game Rules

  • Daily Challenge: Each day, a new five-letter word from the Game of Thrones universe is given to you. You have six attempts to crack the code and guess the word.
  • Guess and Check: Type in a five-letter word as your guess. As you enter each letter, the surrounding tiles will change color to give you feedback on the accuracy of your guess.
  • Color Codes: Pay attention to the color codes. Green means a letter is present in the word and in the correct position. Yellow indicates that the letter is in the word but not in the right place, while gray means the letter is not in the word at all.
  • Puzzle Solve: Crack the puzzle by using your guesses and color feedback to find the correct word. Each guess brings you closer to unraveling the mystery. Gather clues and deduce the solution with every attempt.

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