Indle is a crossword game that allows players to use their knowledge of India to win. The answers in the game will be five-letter words, and you are allowed to guess up to six times. The vast range of fields will challenge the player's top analytical skills. In addition, looking up information also requires a certain acumen.

You can guess the names of people, places, jargon, or any vocabulary that has unique Indian nuances. Additionally, valuable hints will also appear to assist players.

Get the hint and analyze it!

Players click on the characters on the screen to put letters into the boxes in the board game. After each covered horizontal line, Indle asks you to check before continuing to the next guess. This check will give suggestions according to the color change of each circle.

  • The blue circle represents a completely correct choice.
  • The colored circle turns orange when you have a correct prediction about the character.
  • The gray circle is the display for incorrect letters.

Please connect the clues logically to solve the puzzle every day! Don't forget to use support tools when necessary to have the most impressive experience.

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