LETTERSET is a word game that will challenge your vocabulary and strategic analysis skills to the next level. It may take you hours to solve one round of this brain-hacking game. More than simply matching letters, players need to create words from a set of letters and earn points based on word length, letter multipliers and bonus chances. You will need a certain amount of time to get used to this gameplay, but it can also be addictive at any time.

The Detailed Gameplay

To make your LETTERSET experience more complete, understanding detailed gameplay is extremely important. The goal in this game is to spell and submit words by entering answers by clicking on the text boxes on the screen. Here are all the game settings you need to know:

  • Letters: Number of letters that have not been played.
  • End: Allows you to end the game early.
  • Score: Current score after each correct word guess.
  • Word: The original score of the word, before performing multiplication in the answer box.
  • Clue: Support feature, providing clues for gamers.

After understanding the parameters on the screen, you begin the round to search for the secret word. You click on the text boxes to create a word with any meaning. As long as a vocabulary can be formed, the number of characters compared to the given cells is not important. The more correct letters your answer has, the higher your score. Furthermore, your bonus points also depend on the multiplier available in the answer box. After each correct guess, the letters you just selected will disappear, and other letters will appear in their place.

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