Metrodle is an exciting game where you guess destinations on the London Underground. This thrilling game will test your knowledge of the iconic London Tube map. It offers an immersive and educational experience as you navigate through the bustling London Underground.

How To Play

Playing Metrodle is both fun and challenging. You'll be presented with a zoomed-in section of the London Tube map, with your destination station hidden in the middle. Your mission is to guess your destination within just six attempts. At the beginning, the map won't show station names or colored lines, making it a true test of your knowledge and deduction skills.

Each time you make a guess, the game will reveal station names and color in the lines that appear on the zoomed-in map section. This feedback is valuable in refining your guesses and getting closer to your destination station.

Tips to Excel in Metrodle

To become a master at guessing your London Underground destination in Metrodle, consider these helpful tips:

  • Study the Tube Map: Get familiar with the London Underground map and the locations of major stations. This knowledge will help you make more accurate guesses.
  • Analyze Station Names: Pay attention to the station names that are revealed after each guess. Use this information to eliminate possible destinations and narrow down your choices.
  • Follow the Lines: As the game colors in lines on the map, trace their routes and identify potential stations along the way. This will assist you in deducing your destination more effectively.

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