Pikadle is an addictive puzzle game with the experience of finding hidden magical creatures. Playing the role of a talented trainer, the player’s mission is to discover mysterious Pokémon everywhere. Capturing magical creatures has never been so thrilling, even with the most delicate guesses. You will need to apply the suggestions after each submission to make the next one more effective.

Pikadle can be considered one of the variations of the popular crossword game Wordle, with suggestions based on the color of the crossword. After choosing a test item, you submit your answer to receive clues. Based on the attributes, gamers focus on the color of each box to analyze and string together suggestions.

  • Green box: Correct attribute.
  • Yellow box: Approximate attribute. Particularly for Types and Abilities, the yellow boxes indicate that one of the existing attributes is correct.
  • Red box: Incompatible attributes; choose another Pokémon instead.

The detailed description of properties

  • Genes: In Pikadle, players can see special creatures ranked by four genes.
  • Types: A Pokémon can have many types; for example, Bulbasaur is Grass and Poison.
  • Abilities: Similar to types, this trait can also have many characteristics of a character. For example, Charizard will have Blaze and Solar power. If this box appears yellow, you should try another character with one of these two attributes.
  • Weight: The exact weight of the character you select will be displayed with an arrow pointing up or down. Based on the direction of the arrow, gamers can consider creatures that are heavier or lighter than your answer.
  • Height: Similar to weight, the exact height of the entity will be accompanied by an arrow. You can use the hints from the arrows to make future guesses more effective.

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