Rhyme Time

Rhyme Time

Wordle served as the inspiration for the online word guessing game Rhyme Time. Rhyme Time challenges participants to discover three words that rhyme while racing against the clock. If you can, find out what they are. Don't wait, Rhyme Time offers many advantages!


  • To locate words, go on a word hunt. 
  • 2,000 characters or more.
  • English or Japanese are available.
  • To finish the different levels of difficulty, you'll need to use different kinds of tiles.
  • A time restriction is set for each level.
  • Optional Recommendations.


By moving around by clicking and dragging the mouse and typing text into the blanks, participants may participate. Press the Enter key after entering the three words you wish to guess. Every question doesn't always have a single right response. You're able to conjure up a wide range of rhymes and foresee future events. The letter-guessing trick could be useful if you don't know the secret word. We'll let you know if we discover the letter's response.

Rhyme Time and other word guessing games like Revertle are included in the category of word games. Having fun!

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