Ridella - guess the words from the poems! The experience of a puzzle game has never been so engaging. Instead of color suggestions or subtle phrases, this game will give you a descriptive sentence about the answer. It's great because you can get more clues from these detailed hints. However, the round will not be easy because the sentences will not be directly related to the answer. Players need to use their thinking skills to find metaphors in each hint. What do you think about a poem full of meaning about a very simple word? Ridella will help you imagine exactly what it is in this unique challenge.

The exciting features

  • Hints with verses. The answer appears when you guess correctly or a complete poem is opened (no more guesses).
  • The feature of limiting guesses and searching vocabulary through suggestions makes this game like one of the variant versions of the popular game, Wordle.
  • In particular, Ridella also has the feature of explaining suggestions after the answer appears. You can refer to this content for more productive next rounds.
  • New puzzles will appear the next day, making your experience almost unlimited.

Type your answer

Players use the keyboard to enter the answer and press enter to check. For each wrong guess, the next verse will appear until the poem is completed, then the round ends.

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