SWordle features the experience of a unique crossword game with an attractive Star Wars theme. You will learn about space exploration and fierce battles. This endless source of inspiration will make playing crosswords addictive. In particular, the keyboard in this game also has numbers and some special characters. This means that the answer may also appear in these options. Hints will appear after each of your guesses.

The color-code hint

  • The green box means that you have a correct choice.
  • The yellow box means that the letter will be reorganized.
  • The gray box needs to be ignored because it is the wrong character.

The unique features

  • Once you make your third guess, a clue appears! To view your hint, tap the symbol that appears in the upper left corner of the screen, then select Show Hint. Though it will still be ambiguous, this clue should help you focus on the exact word. Your stats will track when you use a hint.
  • A separate dictionary system supports your guesses. SWordle will provide you with all the answers with tens of thousands of different vocabulary words. These words satisfy the condition on the number of characters. Please choose an answer at random and start your decoding journey!

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