Advertisement is a crossword game that is a Spanish adaptation of the original puzzle version. Therefore, the properties and gameplay are similar to Wordle. Players take turns making judgments about a hidden word consisting of five letters. After up to six guesses, you either win or the game is over and the timer for the next word appears. This game has no scope, so your answers can be whatever words you want.

However, are the only instructions in Spanish? Of course not, because the answers also depend on this condition. will be the ideal game for people who use these specific languages or who are learning them. Your vocabulary will improve significantly with one vocabulary word a day.


Players click on characters on the screen or type on the keyboard to match letters for guesses. Pay attention to spelling because incorrect words will not be recognized. Once completed, click on the “Enviar” box to check and receive suggestions. Hints in show up as a color system:

  • Green: The correct answer!
  • Blue: The right letter, but the wrong spot.
  • Red: The wrong character. Let’s change to another.

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