Antiwordle is a free online puzzle game that many people have fun playing. In this game, it's important that you don't choose the daily word as a guess. The program just blocks your letters as you type, forcing you to reassemble them in the correct order, making it very challenging to decipher the secret word in today's crossword. In this reversal, you won't guess the day's word. After you've solved a puzzle, the game will tell you how long it took and what you should try next. If so, feel free to broadcast your discovery through various online platforms. Don't you find it interesting? Join Antiwordle right now so you don't miss out on the fun challenges we're planning.


  • Players are blown away by the 2D, brightly colored graphics. 
  • The player may choose from three distinct game kinds. 
  • Constant challenges.
  • Amusing oneself by playing games.


Once a red letter is in the correct spot, players may continue the sentence by typing the next word using that letter. If a letter is highlighted in yellow, it must be reused in the subsequent word, but not in the same position. All the letters are gray since you already know they're fake. They may not be used in the next term.

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