Dactle is a web-based game that challenges you to guess words in American Sign Language (ASL) based on video clips of signs being performed. The game provides visual feedback with a colored bar that fills up as you get closer to the correct answer.


  • Objective: Each day, your goal in Dactle is to guess a new word in sign language.
  • Word Display: The word you need to guess is shown on the screen as a series of dashes, with each dash representing a letter in the word.
  • Sign Language Interpretation: To play, you'll use your knowledge of sign language to interpret the signs in the video clips and make your guess.
  • Inputting Answers: You can use the game's interface or any compatible sign language recognition system to input your answer.

Tutorial Mode

Dactle offers a tutorial mode that helps you learn the basics of sign language and how to interpret signs. It provides a step-by-step guide for understanding and effectively using sign language, making it especially helpful for beginners.

Learning Sign Language

This game emphasizes promoting the learning and practice of sign language. Beginners can expand their vocabulary and fluency by learning signs and gestures associated with different words. Experienced sign language users can enhance their proficiency and learn new signs.


Dactle offers a fun and interactive platform to learn and practice sign language. With daily word challenges, it boosts your sign language skills consistently. By integrating sign language into a word game, Dactle fosters inclusivity, accessibility, and understanding of sign language communication.

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