WARDle is an exciting game where you put your geographic knowledge to the test! Your mission is to guess the WARDle, a UK Local Authority, within just 6 guesses. Each guess must be a valid UK Local Authority area. After each guess, you will receive valuable information about your proximity to the target area, including the distance, direction, and proximity.

Sharpen your knowledge of UK Local Authorities, challenge yourself daily, and see how quickly you can guess the WARDle! Get ready for an exciting journey into the world of geography and exploration. 

New Challenge Every Day

A fresh WARDle will be available daily, ensuring endless fun and opportunities to test your skills.

About The Distance

When it comes to distance, keep in mind that the displayed distances represent the calculated distances between the selected territory and the target area's center. For example, even though the United States and Canada share a border, their computed distance is approximately 2260km.

About The Data

All the data used in the game comes from reliable sources, specifically the Office for National Statistics, licensed under the Open Government Licence v 3.0.0. The game also incorporates OS data © Crown copyright and database right [2022].

WARDle is a unique creation inspired by the open-source code of Worldle, designed to provide an engaging and educational experience for players like you.

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