Islandle is a captivating geographical word-guessing game that will test your knowledge of islands, atolls, and island groups from around the world! In Islandle, your objective is to correctly identify the names and locations of various islands, atolls, or groups of islands. Each day presents a new challenge featuring a different geographical feature to unravel. Are you up for the task?

How to Play

  • You will be provided with hints such as direction, distance, and population density to help you make educated guesses.
  • Utilize these hints wisely to narrow down your options and make accurate predictions.
  • You have up to 10 chances to guess the correct answer.
  • After each guess, the game will inform you of how close your prediction was in terms of distance, direction, and population values.
  • Use this feedback to adjust your subsequent guesses and improve your chances of success.

Discover and Learn

  • Islandle is not only an entertaining game but also an educational experience.
  • Explore different places, cultures, and natural wonders spread across the globe as you play.
  • Enhance your geographical knowledge while having fun and challenging yourself.

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