Libelle Sudoku

Libelle Sudoku

Libelle Sudoku will be the ideal entertainment game for those who love numbers and know how to play with them. A game that stimulates your peak logical reasoning will bring a feeling of excitement after each victory. Try participating in all difficulty levels to see what your abilities are. There is no limit to your top-notch analysis. Find the appropriate position for the numbers 1-9 so that in a row, column, and 3x3 square, the number does not repeat. Ready to explore new designs for traditional Sudoku gameplay?

How to fill numbers into cells

You need to select a small square, then click on the number on the left side of the screen to fill in the empty box. To turn on the note-taking feature, select the pencil icon below the character set. In this mode, you can enter multiple numbers in one box to conveniently provide analysis during turns.

Some common questions

  1. Does Libelle Sudoku limit the number of participants per day?

You can join the game with new puzzles continuously. With three difficulty levels, your experience in this game is almost limitless.

  1. What can I do to improve my chances of winning this game?

Practice makes perfect! There is no other way but to participate many times to improve speed as well as proficiency with eliminations before giving the final answer.

  1. Does this game have a hint feature?

We're sorry to inform you that Libelle Sudoku does not have any accessibility features. However, your time is unlimited. Please stay calm to make the most accurate inferences!

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