Shadle is an engaging puzzle game that puts your color recognition skills to the test. If you enjoy challenges and have an eye for colors, this game is perfect for you. Every day, you'll receive a hex color code, and your goal is to decipher the code and correctly identify the corresponding color. With three important aspects to consider—hue, saturation, and value—Shadle offers a creative and cognitive exercise that allows you to explore the fascinating world of colors.

How To Play

Get the Daily Hex Color

Each day, you'll be given a hex color code representing a specific color.

Utilize the Color Picker

  • The color picker is your tool to reveal the true color behind the hex code.
  • It consists of three shades: hue, saturation, and value.
  • Your task is to adjust each shade until you believe it matches the color represented by the hex code.

Understanding the Hints

  • Gray Circle: Indicates that the shade is not the correct value.
  • Orange Circle: Signifies that the shade is only one value off from the correct value.
  • Green Circle: Confirms that the shade is the correct value.

Take Your Guess

Using the hints provided and your own observations, take your best guess at the color linked to the hex code. Tweak the shades in the color picker until you achieve the color you believe is the correct match.

Unveiling the Accurate Color

After submitting your guess, the game will uncover the actual color that the hex code represents. Compare it with your guess to determine how accurate your color identification was.

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