Squirdle 2

Squirdle 2

Squirdle 2 will turn players into a genius Pokémon trainer with a game experience with variations from Wordle. The combination of exploring magical creatures and the nature of a daily crossword puzzle provides the ultimate thrill. Unfortunately, you can only search for one Pokémon per day with a maximum of five guesses. The correct answer will show when you win or lose, and a new puzzle will appear the next day. Therefore, don't get used to participating regularly to renew adventures with powerful creatures.

Squirdle 2 has a crossword color conversion suggestion feature like Wordle. Gamers need to take full advantage of these clues to get closer to the correct answer after each guess. In just five tries, can you find a Pokémon whose letter in the name depends on the number of available tiles in each row? Get rid of the gray boxes, choose another spot for the yellow boxes, and keep the green letters as they are to gradually discover the hidden creature.

The stunning features

  • The perfect combination of Pokémon's exciting captures and the crossword puzzle nature of Wordle.
  • Your rounds are daily, so they will refresh every day.
  • The color-transition hint feature helps you recognize subtle hints.

Find the correct answer

In Squirdle 2, players can click on characters on the screen or use the keyboard to enter answers. Opening a list full of creature names wouldn't be a bad choice. Whatever the benefits of your victory in this fascinating game, take advantage of them in the smartest way!

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