Sudoku Classic 2

Sudoku Classic 2

Sudoku Classic 2 will make your experience with traditional Sudoku gameplay even more brilliant. The diverse colors corresponding to each number make your game round not boring. Besides, you can also choose one of four difficulty levels: easy, normal, hard, or very hard, depending on your preferences and gaming level. Therefore, it can be said that this is a game suitable for all types of players. Hundreds of exciting rounds are waiting for you to explore and decode the unknown.

Like the popular Sudoku game, Sudoku Classic 2 has only one rule and is simple to understand. In a column, a row, and a 3x3 square (one of the nine areas of the 9x9 grid), you must fill in the numbers 1-9 so that no value is repeated. This is a clue to the player's unique direction of reasoning. You must eliminate possibilities, narrow the range of values, and finally find the correct answer.

Explore the marvelous features

  • Famous Sudoku gameplay combined with colorful design.
  • The diverse difficulty level with hundreds of rounds is suitable for all types of players.
  • The easy way to enter is to click on any cell and then select a number in the table on the left.
  • The note feature helps you write all possible values into cells for easy tracking and analysis.
  • Furthermore, you will be warned if the answer you choose is wrong, as the numbers that have appeared in the relevant range will flash continuously.

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