Unlockle is a logic game inspired by Wordle with a unique unlock model. In this game, your goal is to figure out a pattern, similar to a smartphone's lock screen, in just six tries using logic.

How To Play

The objective of Unlockle is to recognize a pattern that resembles a mobile device's home screen. To win, you need to create five straight lines by connecting dots. Each dot can be linked to any other dot, as long as there isn't an invisible dot in between them.

You have two options to input your pattern: either tap or click the dots sequentially, or swipe the entire pattern at once. After each turn, the entered pattern is displayed, along with hints indicating how close it is to the correct answer. 

The dots in the pattern will be colored to show their correctness: 

  • Green for dots in the correct position.
  • Yellow for dots that are part of the solution but in different locations.
  • No color for dots that are not in the solution at all.

To help you keep track, you can review the courses of your past tries, ensuring that you don't repeat known failed patterns and lose turns unnecessarily.

In the easiest difficulty setting, all past tries are displayed in order, simplifying the game. However, victory is not guaranteed. On standard difficulties, the path from the previous attempt is shown initially and then replaced by the new path when you start a new game. The colors of the dots from the previous attempt are still visible.

In hard mode, the colors of the dots remain the same, and your previous path is hidden. You'll need to recall the sequence of all your attempts, including the very last one, to succeed. If you're finding the game challenging, you can make it easier by switching to the easy mode in the settings menu.

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