Mathle is a math-based word game that serves as an alternative to Wordle. However, in Mathle, the challenge lies in uncovering equations that are composed of numbers and the two basic arithmetic operations: addition "+" and subtraction "-". Rather than using letters, you'll be working with mathematical expressions to solve the puzzles.

The game provides you with eight empty boxes divided into five on the left and three on the right, separated by an "=" symbol. This design ensures that the right side of the equation represents the solution, while the left side contains the calculation.

Game Rules

  1. Use rectangles to represent integers and circles to represent operations.
  2. Fill in all the fields on the left side of the equation.
  3. The equation must be accurate, meaning the value on the left side must match the value on the right side of the equal sign.
  4. Remember that addition and subtraction are performed after multiplication and division.
  5. An electronic keyboard is available to input your answers.
  • Use "+" for addition and "−" for subtraction.
  • Use "×" for multiplication and "÷" for division.

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