Welcome to Plusdle, a math puzzle game that will test your number skills! In Plusdle, your goal is to create sums using the tiles given at the bottom to reach the target number, which is also among the tiles. This addictive game combines strategy, quick thinking, and mental calculations to challenge players of all ages. With daily new puzzles, Plusdle offers endless fun and brain-teasing challenges for math enthusiasts and puzzle lovers.

How To Play

Playing Plusdle is both easy and engaging. You'll see a grid of number tiles at the bottom, and your task is to use these tiles to create sums that reach the target number, which is included among the tiles. To create a sum, simply click on the numbers in the grid to add them to your equation. If the result is correct, it will be highlighted in green. If the result is incorrect, it will be highlighted in orange. Can you successfully solve all three equations?

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