Quizl is a puzzle game that takes inspiration from the popular word game, Wordle! In this game, you'll be presented with a cryptic puzzle to solve. Although it's not exactly the same as Wordle, if you enjoy puzzles or puzzle games, we believe you'll find Quizl quite enjoyable.

How to Play

Every day, you'll have the opportunity to answer five mini-questions that will test your knowledge and aim for the highest score possible. Quizl is a game that you can play on a daily basis, and it's perfect for those who love figuring things out. However, keep in mind that puzzle-solving skills alone may not be enough to conquer this mental challenge.

The Rules Of Quizl 

  1. You can answer a maximum of five questions each day.
  2. Each question will have four possible solutions, and you must choose the correct answer.
  3. After completing the quiz, you can share your scores and achievements with your friends.

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