Adoptle is a marvelous crossword game filled with adorable pets. Every day, a lovely animal will appear and be ready to steal your heart. Players need to guess the correct species name to unlock hidden crosswords and win the game. Pets to look for have five letters in their names. You have a total of six attempts with color-coded clues to get closer to the answer.

In addition, Adoptle also provides images of adorable animals to guess. This gives the challenge an extremely important clue. Are you an animal lover? Do you want to adopt a pet but don't have the means yet? Join this daily puzzle game to find these adorable animals!

Guess the pet and win

To type the names of animals, players click on the characters on the screen or press the button on the keyboard. Then, press the Enter key to submit your answer and receive feedback. Hints are displayed as color conversions of text boxes:

  • Green: These are the correct choices; you don't need to change anything.
  • Yellow: The letter is correct, but please change its position!
  • Gray: It seems like you should choose a different letter to get that answer right.

Surely you wouldn't want the day's waiting to go to waste, right? So, to make the game round in Adoptle effective, please link the suggestions appropriately!

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