Geordle is a game designed for geography enthusiasts. You can play it once a day and challenge your friends as you guess the capitals. Your objective is to correctly estimate the secret capital every day using a map of world capitals.

Why is Geordle Gaining Popularity? 

Well, it's easy to use, offers a limited number of daily attempts, and has attracted thousands of players in just a few days. Each player has the same opportunity, and once they've guessed the country, they'll have to wait 24 hours to play again. It's an engaging daily task that keeps you coming back for more.

Unlike Wordle, Geordle doesn't require you to guess a word. Instead, you need to predict a new country each day. If you succeed, the game will show you the remaining time before moving on to the next country, as well as the attempt you used to solve it. You can even share your progress on social media. Just remember, you can only play one game per day.

For each guess, you must choose a real country or region. The game will provide information about the capital's location, as well as details like distance, direction, and closeness to the correct answer.

How To Play

  1. Use the letters on your keyboard to try and identify the country and its capital. Type one letter at a time.
  2. As you type a letter, the game will highlight any countries or capitals that start with that letter in green.
  3. Be careful! Each incorrect letter costs you a life. You have a total of 5 lives before the game ends. The remaining lives are represented by a symbol on the game board.
  4. If you correctly identify the country and capital before losing all your lives, you'll earn bonus points equal to the remaining lives. You can earn a maximum of 5 bonus points each day.
  5. Keep in mind that you should check if the data of the capital you're looking for is alphabetically higher or lower than the current one.

To add to the excitement, Geordle allows you to share your results on social networks. The game provides a colorful overview of your efforts without revealing the answer. Each day presents a new challenge with a different country and its hidden capital.

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