Get ready to test your local geography knowledge with Geodle, a game inspired by Wordle, where the goal is to find a specific place within Singapore! You'll have the chance to discover various types of places like stations, shopping malls, schools, and parks. Choose your favorite category or try them all!


Geodle presents five different locations within Singapore for you to select from:

  1. MRT & LRT Stations
  2. MRT Stations
  3. Shopping Malls
  4. Schools
  5. Parks

How To Play

To play, make your initial guess and receive hints about the distance and location between your guess and the chosen place. With each guess, you'll have an opportunity to get closer to the correct answer. Put your skills to the test and aim to complete the game!

Interact with the game using your keyboard and the left mouse button. Have fun exploring the Singaporean locations and enjoy the game!

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