Citydle is an engaging geography-based game where the goal is to figure out the name of a hidden city with the help of hints. While it shares the "guess-to-win" mechanism with other games, Citydle focuses specifically on cities.

How To Play

To play Citydle, you can type a city's name using the virtual keyboard on the screen or your computer's physical keyboard. After arranging the letters, press Enter to submit your guess. Since there are no initial clues, you'll have to start with a random city name to receive hints.

You have six attempts to correctly identify the city. If you haven't found the right answer after six guesses, you will lose the game. However, if you discover the correct city before using up all your guesses, you'll emerge victorious.

In Citydle, you don't need to recall the entire city name, especially since some cities have unusual names. Instead, think of relevant letters and type them. A dropdown list will appear, providing potential choices for you to select.


The hints in Citydle come in the form of figures, directional arrows, and colors. Here are the meanings of the four color hints:

  • Gray: The city you guessed has no relation to the correct answer.
  • Orange: The guessed city is on the same continent as the solution city, but they belong to different countries.
  • Yellow: You're getting close! The guessed city is on the same continent and in the same country as the hidden city.
  • Green: Congratulations! You have correctly identified the city and won the game.


In addition to the color hints, Citydle provides geographical clues:

  • Miles: It shows the distance between your guessed city and the target city. Lower miles indicate you're closer to the solution.
  • Arrow: It indicates the direction from the guessed city to the hidden city.

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