Sudoku 4 in 1

Sudoku 4 in 1

Sudoku 4 in 1 will take you to a beautiful primeval forest with difficult challenges in decoding unknowns. Classic Sudoku gameplay combined with a unique design makes your rounds never boring. The player’s target is to fill in the numbers 1-9 in the blank cells so that a column, a row, and a 3x3 corner must include all nine of those numbers. That means you cannot repeat an answer within the above ranges. This is not only the rule of the game but also the most important hint for gamers to find the answer.

Sudoku 4 in 1 includes four levels: easy, medium, hard, and expert. You can choose the difficulty without any unlock conditions. This is an ideal opportunity for all gamers to participate. You fill in the numbers in the empty boxes by dragging and dropping wooden blocks at the bottom of the screen equivalent to each number onto the main game board. The start timer is only a measure of your completion time. Time records will be set right next to the difficulty level in the menu for you to track your achievements.

The unique features

  • Traditional Sudoku gameplay is combined with lush jungle design.
  • The game challenges your ability to reason and eliminate answers.
  • The method of elimination is the only analysis players can apply.
  • Easy control with just drag-and-drop mouse buttons.
  • Diverse difficulty levels are suitable for all levels and ages.

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