Super Sudoku

Super Sudoku

Super Sudoku: Prepare for an unlimited logic adventure with classic Sudoku gameplay. In this game, you will no longer see ordinary game boards with basic designs. Expand the challenge and put your ability to analyze hints to an extremely difficult test. It can take you all day to find the right answer. You may even have to go back multiple times when you accidentally make a mistake. The simple rule of the game is that a number cannot appear more than once in its row, column, and 3x3 square. As long as you stay focused and don't give up, completing the grid is only a matter of time.

Explore the stunning features

  • Expand your experience with highly difficult rounds, not just the usual 9x9 grids.
  • The strict rules of the game require you to make full use of the available suggestions to eliminate them.
  • Minimalist design helps you focus entirely on the main round.
  • Logical gameplay provides a thinking training experience during relaxing hours.

Solve the numbering problem

First, choose a cell with the most clues to decode in turn. Carefully check all relevant areas to avoid wasting time going back and forth. Gamers can click on the number line on the screen or use the keyboard to enter the answer. Once completed, click the test button to receive the final results. Wishing you hours of useful entertainment with Super Sudoku!

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