WARdle is a fun puzzle game featuring Major League Baseball players. The player's task is to guess the correct name of the day's character by analyzing the hints. Each of your guesses will produce a series of analytical indicators about the correct answer. Players have a total of nine attempts, and the letters in the word to fill in are unlimited. This is an appealing game for those who are passionate about the world of MLB. Let WARdle challenge your understanding and memorization abilities!

The unique indicators

Important suggested metrics in WARdle include:

  • Team: the playing team of the character to guess.
  • Lg/Div: the federation or division to which the correct player belongs.
  • Born: where the player was born.
  • Age: age.
  • Position: the player's position on the field.

Green-colored boxes mean the correct answer matches. In that case, the orange boxes indicate that the correct level is very close. Try to reason and use your memory to analyze the hints and give the correct answer in the fewest attempts!

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