Word Detector

Word Detector

Word Detector, a free game that connects crosswords in a fun way, is suited to everyone. It is the objective of this game to solve the crosswords in each level and locate the secret word. As you reach each new level, money will be added to your account. To get some help creating words, you can click the lightbulb. You're ready, right? To ensure that you won't miss any opportunities, sign up for Word Detector immediately!

Word Detector and other games like Daily Word Search can be found in the Wordleverse section. Happy!


  • Graphics with pleasing color schemes. 
  • Many features can be used to assist gamers.
  • This system is very clear.
  • Easy rules to play a game that is fun.


Participants take part by following instructions and moving their mouse. By clicking and dragging, you can connect the letters in a word. You can solve the puzzles to advance and find words with the spaces and letters provided. Have fun!

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