Summle is a math puzzle game where your goal is to create sums using the tiles at the bottom of the screen to reach the target number displayed at the top. You have to do this in just 5 steps or fewer. This addictive game combines strategy, quick thinking, and mental calculations to challenge players of all ages. With daily new puzzles, Summle offers endless fun and brain-teasing challenges for math enthusiasts and puzzle lovers.

How to Play

In Summle, you use the tiles provided to create sums that add up to the number shown at the top. To make a sum, select numbers from the grid and click on them to add them to your equation. If you click on a number twice, it will be deleted. The trick is to solve the puzzle using no more than five separate actions. Summle's daily new puzzle feature keeps the game exciting and provides hours of fun and mental exercise for math and puzzle enthusiasts.


To solve the arithmetic problems in Summle, scan the grid for simple additions or combinations that can quickly get you close to the target number. To optimize your chances and use the fewest actions possible, try to use each number tile at least once. Pay attention to the yellow subtotal tiles as they can be used in different amounts, giving you more options. 

Benefits of Playing Summle

Summle offers many benefits for those seeking fun and mental stimulation:

The game's focus on math and calculations enhances critical thinking and problem-solving skills, providing an excellent workout for your brain. 

It offers a quick and entertaining way to challenge yourself and keep your mind sharp. 

The daily new puzzles ensure that you always have fresh challenges, keeping the game exciting and engaging. 

Summle is suitable for players of all ages, making it a great educational tool for children and a rewarding brain exercise for adults.

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