Weedel is a crossword game that requires players to find the names of characters in video games to win. As a person who is passionate about this game series, you should try this fascinating game. Are you confident about your understanding of this topic? A series of choices can be the final answer to help you pass the round. Try to find the characters whose names have five letters in six guesses. The secret will be revealed at the end of the round.

It can be seen that Weedel's coverage is comprehensive. So, how to have the most effective tests? First of all, you can choose popular names like Mario, Sonic, Steve, and anything else you can think of or search for. Feedback will display the hint as a color code. Specifically:

  • Blue for the correct choices.
  • Yellow signals that you need to change the position of that character.
  • Gray is the wrong letter that needs to be removed.

How To Play

Your answer is only valid if the characters' names are spelled correctly. However, Weedel will not cover 100% of the entities in every video game. So, please link the suggestion in the most reasonable way to find the correct answer.

Players can click on characters on the screen or use the keyboard to combine letters. Then, press the “Enter” key to check and receive feedback. I am wishing you the most impressive victories!

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