Wordlemanga is a puzzle game that combines two great inspirations: Wordle and manga. Players will be challenged with puzzles without any descriptive hints. If you are a fan of Japanese comics, you will not be able to miss this interesting entertainment game. Players can test their understanding and ability to connect clues. You can guess every word related to manga that you know or learn. The correct answer will be a five-letter word, and you have up to six guesses. The answer will be displayed after you find the solution and win the game or the attempt is over.

The words you choose must meet the criteria for appearing in the vast manga world. Featured terms and character names can be a top priority for guesses. However, players need to make reasonable use of it to get valuable suggestions.

The color-code hint

  • The red box means that you have a correct choice.
  • The yellow box means that the letter will be reorganized.
  • The gray box needs to be ignored because it is the wrong character.

How to get the correct answer?

If you are a passionate fan of manga, challenge your memory first. Don't hesitate to use reference sources for a better-quality round. In addition, looking up information also improves your understanding.

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